[PeterFever] Axel Deepdicks Richie

[PeterFever] Axel Deepdicks Richie
Release Date : 2020-12-08

Another hot hookup from Eveready Axel Kane, who gives a dickin’ and keeps on tickin’. This time the lucky bottom getting the Kane treatment is lean ginger-haired twink Richie West. Richie’s a little intimidated by our favorite Asian muscleboy, but a few deep kisses have him warmed up and ready for the full Axel enchilada. Axel pulls down his shorts and Richie goes down for a balls deep throat fuck. The young stud sloshes Axel’s tool around his mouth and gargles on the mushroom head. With Axel’s face just above Richie’s tight little butt, he gives in to temptation and slides a lubed finger in to try things out. Before you know it he’s pivoted around and slammed in to that ass.

Biting his lip, Richie groans as Axel buries his bone far up his hole. With each thrust, Richie arches his back like he’s gonna break in two, but he sure isn’t complaining. Axel drags him to the edge of the bed and plows in, grabbing Richie’s hip to get a good steady grip. His nuts slam into Richie’s juicy crack with a satisfying thwack! Richie stretches his arms ahead of him and tightens his long lean legs as Axel totally goes for it. Another yank from the Asian superhero and Richie’s on his back with legs spread wide. His muscular glutes stand out in perfect relief as Axel drills his hungry butthole. Pulling out, Axel immediately showers the young dude in a splatter of juicy cum, then plows back in to finish breeding. Richie grabs his cock for the first time, squirting out a rocket of hot twink sperm.



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