[JapanBoyz] Tomoki and the Tourist – Tomoki, Jeff

[JapanBoyz] Tomoki and the Tourist – Tomoki, Jeff
Release Date : 2021-05-07

Strolling on a quiet street handsome Tokyo twink Tomoki happens upon a cute young American tourist. Jeff ran out of money and has no hotel to stay in so kind-hearted and horny Tomoki sees his opportunity. He offers Jeff the tourist a place to stay. When they get to Tomoki’s room and sit on the bed Jeff offers to “return the favor”. Tomoki’s suggestion is to “get me hot and horny,” as though he is not already there, sitting on a bed snuggled next to a cute young American. Jeff moves in for the kiss and Tomoki is quick to respond. They tumble around the bed locked in a sweet embrace and strip to their undies. Once they’re naked and horny, Jeff takes Tomoki’s cock in his mouth. He smiles his approval to his handsome host and begins stroking his dick.

Tomoki gets a grip on Jeff’s cock and milks it tenderly. Then he licks the head of Jeff’s piece and begins slurping it all down. They 69 and Jeff burrows his face into Tomoki’s tight little ass. Once it’s wet and slippery he slides a finger in and jerks Tomoki with the other hand. He kneels behind, and grabbing Tomoki’s nips in both hands, eases his bare cock into Tomoki’s butthole. Tomokis slides down to the bed and Jeff thrusts in from above. Turning over, Tomoki slimbs on top of Jeff’s hot thick tool and grinds down. Jeff takes charge and pumps in faster as Tomoki beats off his dick. It’s too hot to keep up this pace for long. They lie next to each other and start stroking. Jeff’s rosy head spurts out a creamy wad that splashes against his smooth abs. He slides his finger into Tomoki’s ass as Tomoki milks out a sticky splatter.



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