[JapanBoyz] Real Sex Friends – Hayato and Tomoya

[JapanBoyz] Real Sex Friends – Hayato and Tomoya
Release Date : 2021-05-24

Tomoya has brought along a special treat for the Japanboyz members, his longtime fuckbuddy Hayato. This lean handsome 24-year old has feelings for his friend-with-benefits, and it shows in the undeniable sparks between these two Japanese studs. When they kiss and cuddle on camera there’s nothing forced about it. Once they tumble down to the bed, Tomoya kneels between Hayato’s legs and peels down his undies. There’s a thick cock already swelling and ready for Tomoya to suck. Hayato gives a blissful smile as his buddy slurps down his hardening tool. They easily move on to a romantic 69 before Hayato slicks his finger and wiggles it around inside Tomoya’s hungry butthole.

Tomoya’s cock is stiff now and his ass wants more. He gives Hayato one more round of cocksucking to make sure he’s stiff as can be. There’s a scorching hot connection between these intimate buddies as Hayato eases in and drives his dick in to the root. Tomoya grinds his booty onto Hayato, who begins pumping hard into that fuckhungry ass. Moaning with pleasure, Tomoya wraps his ankles around Hayato to keep him close. The bed shakes as these two fuckbuddies bang their bodies together faster and harder. They are ready to shoot. Lying close together they kiss and wrap their arms around each other as they beat off. Tomoya gets off first, squirting a puddle of cum onto his tight abs. Then Hayato spray’s his first hot sticky cumload for an internet audience, and takes a deep breath of accomplishment.



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