[JapanBoyz] Namao Tops Kouya

[JapanBoyz] Namao Tops Kouya
Release Date : 2021-04-23

Japanboyz latest new recruit is luscious shaggy-haired Asian Namao, who doesn’t seem to have an angle the camera doesn’t worship. And veteran stud Kouya seems to be in agreement on that as he sucks and twiddles Namao’s nips in preparation for something hotter and deeper. His hand reaches down to fondle the big stiff bulge in Namao’s briefs and he knows he’s in for something special. He peels off Namao’s undies to get himself a mouthful. Namao happily returns the favor with a juicy blowjob. When Kouya rolls onto hands and knees, Namao gets a musky taste of his hot sweet butt. His finger drives into Kouya’s fuckhungry hole, then another finger slides in. Kouya needs cock, and needs it NOW.

With Namao stretching lazily across the bed, Kouya climbs on to ride his big thick dick. Namao is powerful but gentle, guiding Kouya onto his rod for the deepest penetration. He kneels behind and plows into that hot ass as Kouya moans with satisfaction. Namao’s curly pubes tickle against Kouya’s smooth crack as the two share a deep romantic kiss. Kouya wraps his long tawny legs around Namao’s waist, pulls him in closer as they screw. Kouya’s breathing gets slow and deep as the load bubbles up from his nuts. He pumps out a sticky puddle of sperm into his fist and across his tight abs. Then handsome Namao holds Kouya close as cum sprays onto his slim belly.



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