[JapanBoyz] Kenchi, Meet Hiroya

[JapanBoyz] Kenchi, Meet Hiroya
Release Date : 2021-06-04

Things are getting back to normal at Japanboyz, and studly Hiroya’s back with a special assignment. Sexy 23-year old Kenchi is a veteran of big studio porn and is interested in modeling for Japanboyz. He’s “the center of gay,” especially his hungry hole, and Hiroya can’t wait to get in there.

Handsome Hiroya starts by licking and chewing on Kenchi’s erogenous nipples and butt, then sliding on a condom and plowing on in. Kenchi is vocal, knows just what pleases him. When Hiroya hits the perfect spot, Kenchi can’t help spraying our a squirt of pee. It’s getting HOT in here, and Hiroya pulls out just in time to geyser out a big load onto Kenchi’s tight little abs. Then the new boy lies back, lets the love flow right out of his big hot dick.


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